Portraiture of children – an attempt at capturing spontaneity, purity and happy moments

One of my favourite subjects for photography is children. Children don’t yet have a fear of, or worry about, how they will look in photos, and they don’t act too cool for school. In fact, aside from wildlife (and even that can be manipulated in the presence of a camera…actually, in the presence of humans, period), kids are probably the only live subject matter that acts completely naturally in front of a camera. Some are more shy than others, and they take a bit more time getting comfortable with the process. Some are hams from the moment they see the camera appear, and they are all smiles and giggles.

Every child I’ve ever worked with adores looking at the end result, appearing utterly fascinated with this tiny still image of themselves. I get that. I’m obviously totally fascinated by this whole photography thing myself. If you hadn’t noticed.

I’ve included a small gallery below of some of my favourite little chickens (and in some cases a parent or two) I’ve had the privilege to photograph. None of these photos in the gallery have been retouched. I did this because I wanted to show these children as they are, not as they look after hours of Photoshop, Lightroom, etc. I wanted to let each child’s inner spark shine through all on its own.

Just like the children in the photos, the images are about as pure as they get. Love these faces!!!